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We took a trip to nearby Aregua for the famous strawberry festival. Lots of goodies. Yum!

Naturally, when the winter temps soared to 93F, the battery of our rent-a-van-wreck died. And the latch to open the hood was also broken. Katie and the teachers lead the kids to shade, while Craig and another Gringo teacher baked in the Sun trying to figure it out.

Fortunately two Paraguayos came out and helped us. By “help” I mean, they helped pull the grill off, then they disassembled the locking mechanism, succeeded in getting it open, and gave us a jump. So they did about 98.47% of it.

We thanked them profusely for their aid, and I gave them some cash to buy some well-deserved cold beverages.

Speaking of which, we got some of our own, along with a nice feast. From there we headed to town to check out some pottery, for which Aregua is renowned.

Following that, we headed to nearby Lake Ypacaraí… great for scenery and a cool breeze. Too toxic to swim in, apparently.


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