About OBC

Mid-40’s. Grew up in the Boston area before the family moved to Arizona, where I lived for most of 30 years. Seldom did any travel until 2010, when my wife and I have saved up enough for our first trip to Europe. Loved every second of it. After our second trip in 2013, decided we wanted to do more.

As a teacher, she found the big loophole… teaching abroad. Get paid to live somewhere else, making exploration far easier. Had already been working from home, so in my case, you have wifi, I can work.

We lived in Asuncion, Paraguay for three years and currently reside in Bogota. Our time living in the south, now north of South America have opened up the continent to us, allowing us to explore, eat, drink and try whatever, wherever we find ourselves.

Note: the blog entries that comprise the bulk of our January 2019 archive were moved painstakingly (and tediously) to this site from an old one and made up most of our travels from 2010 through mid-2018.